Crazy, Stupid, (Scandalous), Love

Ironic, but my first movie review here is the type of film I almost never watch: the romantic comedy. It was recommended to me by my brother for…Well, reasons? I’m not big on synopses so I’ll keep it to a minimum and as general as I can with these.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is about a number of different people either falling in love or dealing with breakups. There is a pretty large assembly of characters but it primarily revolves around Steve Carell’s character “Cal” who’s being divorced and has no clue on how to enter the dating world. He meets Ryan Gosling’s character “Jacob” who’s a perennial ladies’ man only into women for one-night stands. He takes Gus under his wing to get him back into “the game”.

The movie’s strengths are that it is entertaining and keeps you interested in the story. At the end the movie intertwines most of the characters in a pretty good and unexpected climax. The characters are well-acted, especially Gosling who absolutely steals the show, in a role that requires unexpected breadth from him.

However, did you notice I didn’t use the word “funny”? While entertaining, I only had a few chuckles. In addition, there’s a pretty awkward (RE: “scandalous”) subplot of a 17-year-old babysitter trying to gain the affections of one of the adult characters. At the end of the film a 13-year-old boy who has a major crush on that girl is given what is very strongly implied to be nude photos to “tie him over” until they can possibly date when they’re older. This is framed as a sweet act but to me it came off as creepy and tasteless.

I would recommend the film to those who have struggled in finding their match, crushed on an older person, had a major childhood crush, or just want to see Steve Carell in an almost shot-for-shot remake of “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.

+Good cast

+Interesting story

+Fun ending

-Lack of big laughs

-Creepy subplot

Final grade: B-






The Therapy Begins!

First things first – this blog is solely designed for my own entertainment (IE: therapy) which others may or may not find interesting. When I’m down, upset, or just bored, writing usually makes me feel better. However, since people seem to enjoy reviews of stuff and my writing, hopefully you’ll get something out of this.

The idea of this blog is simple: I will review movies primarly, video games and books secondarily, and anything else I feel like reviewing at random times. There will not be any set dates for postings: whenever I feel I need to do one, I’ll make one.

The hyphen in “Re-View” is more than just style. I will be reviewing many books, films, shows that have been released for many years, even decades. I have a soft spot for media I feel has been overlooked or forgotten. Many of these films can now be found on Netflix, YouTube (for digital rental) iTunes, etc. I hope a few of you at some point take these recommendations to heart.